EDIT NOVEMBER 10 2021 The landline is not ringing at our offices. The caller can hear ringing we cannot. Until the problem is rectified please call the mobile 07971 288248

As from October 4th 2021 we have now returned to a weekly service.

Our staff have always worked in a socially isolated stance. The driver is alone in the van that is loaded independently and then delivered independently. Our ironers work in the isolation of their own homes.

Of paramount importance is that The Smoothing Iron can play their part in helping to reduce the spread of coronavirus and safeguard the welfare of our clients and staff during the pandemic, while continuing our operations as normally as possible. All our agencies are now open, Tittensor, Haughton and the 2 agencies in Stone; The Artisan Boutique and Trutex (which has changed its name to Schools In). Please see our agency page for full details

We MUST INSIST our clients consider the safety of our staff, as we consider the safety of our clients. We hope you will help in the following ways :-

• Please inform us if you or any household member is currently affected by the virus. In those circumstances, we would cease collections until the danger of infection has passed.
• Use a hard-sided receptacle to contain your laundry
• Wash/sanitize your basket on a weekly basis. Particularly in the areas that are handled
• YOU MUST LEAVE THE IRONING IN A SAFE PLACE OUTSIDE FOR OUR COLLECTION, re sanitize the handle and rim area of the basket with a suitable ‘wipe’ once you have placed the basket outside. If we have to open door handles to retrieve the ironing, please wipe those too. (We will also wipe these after leaving)
• Clients who prefer to use their own coat hangers, please spray them with sanitizer
• Keep the time between washing and placing in the basket to a minimum, or keep the laundry in an area of minimal contact prior to collection
• Pay online for preference

Drivers will leave the ironing outside your premises and make you aware of the delivery.
For payments other than online, clients will be contacted during the day to inform them of the bill quantity, so that it is ready for the returning delivery. If possible leave in a safe place, again to keep face to face contact to an absolute minimum.


Will our staff be wearing PPE?
If we need to have any face to face contact we will wear a face covering.
Re the use of gloves
“The unnecessary and inappropriate use of gloves results in a waste of resource and may increase the risk of germ transmission. In no way does glove use modify hand hygiene indications or replace hand hygiene action by rubbing with an alcohol-based product or by handwashing with soap and water.” If we handle money or other small items from your home, e.g. keys, gloves will be used as single-use.
Working guidelines for my staff are the use of hand sanitiser for the drivers between clients and handwashing between clients ironing for ironing staff. All work areas will be sanitized daily. All work hardware – coat hangers etc sanitized daily.
The drivers will spray sanitize the handles and rim of the basket upon collection. We use a Zoflora disinfectant ratio 1:40 in a spray bottle. This is anti bacterial and anti viral. “Zoflora has proven efficacy (when diluted 1:40) against corona viruses. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Zoflora would have activity against the COVID-19 virus.”
The vehicle will be sanitized on all communal ‘touched surfaces’ between shifts.
Working practices will change as the pandemic evolves. Following guidelines and best practice.