Why do we price by item?

This keeps an itemised, secure record of your garments, enabling both of us to check the bill. Also it keeps the price standardised. Should you pay by weight or by time then your bill will vary.

Is there a children’s discount?

Yes – we have a 25% for ALL children’s wear until they are a 34” / 86 cm check size which is an adult sized 10.

When do we get our ironing back?

Most days we offer a same day service. It is collected in the morning and returned the same evening. We do charge for collection and delivery, but it is less than the surcharge many companies charge for same day service.

What is a prep charge?

Ideally, we just wish to iron your garments. If they are inside out and buttoned-up, dried to a crisp or still wet then we have to prepare your laundry. We charge £1. 40 per 3 minutes. Please save us the time and yourself the cost. Best results are produced from folded and very slightly damp laundry.